July 31st, 2010



My name is Mr William Woods,a legitimate  loan lender

Oh I'm glad you mentioned that you are legitimate, otherwise I might have thought this was some kind of scam.

based in the United Kingdom.

You do realise that that places you under the UK's spam law?

With our technology we can approve a suitable loan in minutes.
We  borrow

That's nice, but I thought you said you were a lender, not a borrower.

from 3,000 DOLLARS to 10,000,000 DOLLARS

Hey I thought you said this was UK-based. What would I want dollars for?

at just 3% interest rate with Flexible repayment over 1 to 30 years.

I bet I can get that from any high street mortgage lender.

Kindly email back via: wwfwoods101@w.cn

How come a UK-based business has an email address in China?