December 22nd, 2010

blue things

A smashing time

  • The Good: I went to the Boar's Head Gaudy on Saturday, and the one person I most wanted to see was there.
  • The Bad: a flash snowstorm earlier in the day had caused a couple of dozen cancellations, and the eventual 70-odd attendees did not include any of my former classmates.
  • The Ugly: I was caught out in said snowstorm because I'd gone to Tesco early while everything was clear, and on the final bend in the road before arriving at my street the car lost all traction and went straight on into a parked car. News just in is that the estimated cost of repairs is roughly double what the car was worth.

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Le repas

As an aside, why do people write the menu in French at posh meals? To show off? To make sure you've no idea what you are eating?

Saumon teinté à la betterave rouge
sauce gravadlax

Poitrine de faisan mitonnée aux poireaux grillés et champignons marinés

Gelée aux canneberges, oranges et Porto, et biscuit à la mandarine.

La hure de sanglier à la sauce Robert

Le dessert