December 8th, 2011


Why bother having a contact form if you can't answer?

I used the "contact us" form on the web site of a well-known financial institution. I said something of the form:
Subject: Web site technical fault

I cannot find the correct page to log in to my account. When I click on Login it takes me to a page that says "Sorry, we are reorganising our web site and you may have an out-of-date link stored in your favourites. Please navigate to [this page] and click the Login link there". However, clicking on the link provided just sends me round in circles. Could you please fix this? Thanks.

They replied:
Thank you for your email.

We want to help answer your query but as your query is regarding your account we can not help you further via this channel. In order to rectify this problem you must call the Internet helpdesk on 0844 (etc)


As it happens the web site is now working — perhaps it was just down for maintenance and they put up the wrong error message. But still.