Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


...according to jiggery_pokery anyway. :-)

Which of the 100 most populated US cities have I visited?

1 New York, NY: 1981 on a family holiday; 2001 on a meet
3 Chicago, IL: 1993 on an X3J18 meeting
4 Houston, TX: 2002 but only to planes on the way to Omaha (and 1999 on the way back from Pensacola)
6 Phoenix, AZ: 2000 on a Rexx Symposium
7 San Diego, CA: 1993 on a Rexx Symposium
8 Dallas, TX: 1996 but only to change planes on the way to Austin
11 San Jose, CA: 1995 - drove through while exploring the general area while in Palo Alto for the Rexx Symposium
12 Indianapolis, IN: 1996 and 1999 for the Quantum Leap convention
13 San Francisco, CA: 1995 but only to get off a plane and on to a bus to Palo Alto
14 Jacksonville, FL: 1999 for the Rexx Symposium
15 Columbus, OH: 1999 - drove through on the way from King's Island to Cedar Point (and got stuck in traffic)
16 Austin, TX: 1996 for the Rexx Symposium
17 Baltimore, MD: 1998 - got off a plane at BWI and was picked up by friends I was visiting in York, PA
20 Boston, MA: 1994 for the Rexx Symposium
21 Washington, DC: 1981 - day-trip while on family holiday
39 Atlanta, GA: 1994 but only to change planes on the way to Boca Raton for an X3J18 meeting
44 Omaha, NE: 2002 on honeymoon
45 Minneapolis, MN: 1993 but only to change planes on the way to San Diego
51 Pittsburgh, PA: 1996 but only to change planes (and get detained by Immigration) on the way to Indianapolis
53 Cincinnati, OH: 1999 in order to visit King's Island
61 Raleigh, NC: 1998 and 2001-2003 while in Research Triangle Park for the Rexx Symposium
62 Newark, NJ: many times to change planes and 2001 to stay a couple of days nearby (actually in Elizabeth, NJ) to see friends
71 Jersey City, NJ: 2001 while at the New York meet
89 Chesapeake, VA: 1981 while on family holiday
93 Richmond, VA: 1981 staying with relatives while on family holiday


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