Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Day Two: the sleeping beauty

I had my couple of hours of quality time with baby T this morning during the `partners only' visiting hours.

I took some post that had arrived - a card from j4 (thanks!) and a card and pressie from V and gjm which turned out to be some cute baby sandals (thanks to you too!).

I held the baby and he was quite sleepy and placid for quite a while. Then it was feeding time. We decided we should visit the registry office that morning, but breakfast was more important to baby T, so he carried on feeding until we could persuade him to let go. Then we put him down in his cot but he would have none of it, so we picked him back up again. As luck would have it he eventually quietened down again in my arms (while J left for a comfort break), and we did manage to get him down to the waiting area outside the registry office in his cot by about 11:35 (all the cots are mounted on trolleys; the hospital discourages babies from being carried around in the corridors in case people slip and drop them!). The movement of the cot put him to sleep again. As we arrived we met a dad whom we had previously seen at the ante-natal class. He told us the registrar had said she might not be able to see him within the time available (the office closes at midday prompt) and so we were very unlikely to get our turn - but we waited anyway, and chatted a bit. Just over ten minutes later the previous couple-with-baby emerged from the office, and sure enough the registrar said to us in a rather curt manner `I can't see you - the office closes at 12.' Yes, we can see that from the notice on the door - what we don't know is how long it takes for each appointment (answer: about 15 minutes, or 30 in problem cases). So we took the baby back unregistered - and as visiting also officially finishes at midday I left and went back home.

At 3pm (or some time after) it was the turn of my parents to accompany me to the hospital. So my mum and dad got to cuddle the baby, who was. . . asleep. Some more photo-opportunities ensued. We spent something over an hour with baby T and his mother, and then my parents went downstairs for a while. Feeding time was overdue, so we decided to try to wake the baby up by changing his nappy. This worked, and he became unsettled, but giving him his lunch did the trick. And thus ended the second visiting stint of the day.

I arrived again at about 7:30pm to join J's parents - so some more cuddling, some more photos, and lots more sleeping took place. As they were leaving we changed the baby again. (Yes, we now have a cute girl called Chloe. . . ahem, not that kind of changing!)

Then a midwife arrived to weigh T, which meant taking all his clothes off. He did not like that one bit, and made sure we knew it. So we put the clothes back on as quickly as possible, and then guess what: feeding time again. He knows what he likes! And so he was one happy little baby having his dinner as I left.

And that is what happened at the hospital today.

I have sent off a difficult email to try to sort my work situation out. I intended to do it earlier, but it took too long and I had to pause it for a while. I will probably end up going in to the lab tomorrow instead of the afternoon hospital visiting session to do some negotiation (J and the baby won't get too lonely - my parents will be there to keep them company). I may even have a birth certificate with me in order to sort out the paperwork.

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