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Day Four: hungry caterpillar explores the garden

Yet again I'm telling a bit of a fib about the time of this entry. . . this time it's because for some unknown reason I decided earlier that it might be a good idea if I tried to fix the ethernet driver on the other machine. (It intermittently decides not to work, and almost always decides to hang if you ask to eject the PC card. It also occasionally spontaneously reboots the machine if you eject the PC card without asking. Also, dating more or less from the time that we started using the PC card, it pretty much always hangs on "Windows 98 is shutting down".) After spending a couple of hours or more trying all sorts of things including downloading the driver from the manufacturer's site (which made it pretend to work but constantly flash the "collision" light so no traffic got through) and extracting the device driver from the Win98 cabinet files, it's now failing to work at all (same failure mode as before all this started - the card driver seems happy but the DHCP request never makes it out of the machine and the Tx light isn't flashing). On the bright side, it no longer seems to hang if you ask to eject the card. Reinstalling everything is beginning to look like the `simple' option (mind you, J is only supposed to be `borrowing' that laptop from me until I get round to installing Linux on it). But anyway, enough of that!

No rude awakenings this morning, fortunately (as I've had too many late nights lately. . . just consider it practice!). My parents were leaving this morning so I said goodbye to them as I left them to finish getting ready.

Today baby T went to the clinic to be checked out. He didn't particularly like being undressed (what a surprise) and he presented the paediatrician with a nice dirty nappy as well as spitting up a bit of regurgitated milk. Only seconds after the nappy had been changed, the midwife took it off to weigh him (amid much protest), and it was wet already. And for her troubles, she got sneezed on. He was 15 grammes lighter than the previous weighing, so clearly just at the point where he stops losing and starts gaining weight. Anyway, after all that, the paediatrician pronounced him fit and well - he's actually ready to come home now, although J isn't so the two of them will stay until Monday morning, when she can visit the breastfeeding clinic before she comes home.

We managed to settle him down after this clearly disturbing experience and he had a good sleep in my arms until the newborn-hearing-test woman came round. In fact he hardly stirred through that either (the test can be done while the baby is asleep - in fact it's better that way as he won't wriggle away from the sensor), though the test was interrupted by the baby in the next cubicle (obviously less background noise is better). Both his ears passed the test.

I left to visit Mothercare and get my lunch, and returned to await the arrival of buzzy_bee and her Riker-look-alike DH. Baby T was all dressed up ready in his `Hungry Caterpillar' baby suit, and when they arrived we laid him in a hospital pram and wheeled him down to the lobby to meet them. Then we walked down to a little Japanese garden situated behind the maternity block. T didn't like the journey very much, but settled down again after a few cuddles. While the women chatted, the geeks played with Rubik's cubes [see and don't worry - I've glued those two tiles back on now (-:].

Baby T's first outdoor experience lasted an hour or so, and then it was time to go back inside. He wailed all the way up to the ward, but once again settled down once he was taken out of the pram.

In the evening the baby was asleep again - for the most part, in the arms of J's mother. Not a peep out of him was heard, but after her parents left J decided it was time for the baby's dinner, and he certainly had no objection to that.

In today's other news, I've just discovered two of my credit card bills were due today and I haven't paid them yet because payday was only on Wednesday. (I don't like living from payday to payday and I never used to have to, but since I got married it seems to have become the default. . .) Ah well.

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