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Day Six: The Homecoming

Hooray - we're home!

Mummy is having a well earned rest so I shouldn't really stay up late to play on the computer again, so I'll edit the story into this entry a bit later. :-)

Hmm, the problem with saying the above is you have to actually go back and do it, which is not easy when you don't seem to spend 15 minutes at the computer in one go all day. Trying to remember what actually happened comes next.

Anyway, I remembered to take the infant carrier with me to the hospital in the morning, and brought it up when I went down to take the first installment of gubbins to the car. Baby T had already seen the paediatrician when I arrived, and his mum had taken him to the breastfeeding clinic and got some useful advice.

A nurse came by and we asked if it was possible to give the baby a bath. It was. He didn't mind having his hair washed, but protested a bit when it came to washing the rest of his body.

After lunch (J's, that is, but not mine) a midwife came to take J's blood pressure and then said all that was needed was the paperwork. This was slightly slow in coming but we were away not long after 2pm. T was safely strapped into the carrier and taken down to the car, them the carrier was strapped into the car and we made our uneventful journey back home. Hardly a peep was heard!

As I pulled into our street, J's parents were right behind. Her mum stayed for the afternoon to help out. Baby T remained remakably quiet throughout and has obviously taken very well to being at home. He slept for quite a while in his sheepy bouncing-cradle. J's friend also came by to see the baby and have a chat.

It was a fairly uneventful evening. J decided to have an early night, so I changed the baby's nappy (and for the first time he remained quiet for the whole procedure) and took him upstairs for a bedtime feed. It was while I was nipping downstairs to shut things down that I transferred today's pics and posted the very short LJ entry.

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