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Now we are one*

* week old

T stayed in our bed all night. I slept moderately well in the circumstances but was obviously interrupted several times. Baby T didn't actually cry, but he did need feeding on a few occasions and J needed help getting him to the right position. She got a lot less sleep than I did, but some of that was just waking up to see if he was OK (which he was). We decided to get up at 9am. The postman brought us a pressie from my aunt and uncle in Scotland (it was a posh photo album).

We did another very peaceful nappy change. Perhaps he is getting used to the idea that it won't kill him to get cleaned up. I sat with him for a long time (and read my backlog of email, which only needed one finger to press `next' or `delete' or whatever). Then we had lunch.

While I was hanging the washing out, the midwife arrived. Lots of routine checks, plus a heel-prick test. Baby T obviously didn't like that, although he wasn't as noisy as he could have been. J asked the midwife if she could give advice on how to use a breast pump - which it turned out she couldn't. The midwife and I had fun squinting at the instructions; it turned out that all the parts had indeed been assembled correctly so J offered to try it out later and then ask again if she still couldn't get it to work.

We tested out our electric steam steriliser before trying out the pump again, which turned out to work pretty well. J saved about 175ml of milk before deciding it was time to stop. (But by the time of writing this entry, our greedy baby has already supped up 110ml of it as well as having nursed from time to time.)

J got a bit of a snooze in, and so did the baby - it was well after 6 when he stirred. J's friend came for another visit, bringing some goodies with her (including a paddling pool which J is borrowing for the hot weather).

I went and hit Tesco (which I think is when the first 50ml of milk went down the hatch) and then we had some tea. T was happy to sit in his sheepy bouncer while we ate, but had to be lifted out not long afterwards.

Eventually J took the baby upstairs and nursed for a while, but she got sore and so we took some more of the saved milk, which he gulped down in a few minutes. I then volunteered to take him back downstairs so that J could have some peace. The poor dear got hiccups which lasted ever such a long time, but I sat him on my knee and he waited them out. After that he became fretful and seemed to want yet another feed, so I carried him around the house for a while. There were a few moans, but this seemed to quieten him for the most part. He kept his eyes wide open, though.

But sleep won out in the end, which was when I put him back in the sheepy bouncer and typed this (but not before the previous entry). Now to see if he'll transfer back to the crib upstairs. . .

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