Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

How parsimonious are you?

The higher your percentage score the more parsimonious your moral framework. In other words, a high score is suggestive of a moral framework that comprises a minimal number of moral principles that apply across a range of circumstances and acts. What is a high score? As a rule of thumb, any score above 75% should be considered indicative of a parsimonious moral framework. However, perhaps a better way to think about this is to see how your score compares to other people's scores.

In fact, your score of 71% is not significantly different than the average score of 66%. This suggests that you have utilised an average number of moral principles in order to make judgements about the scenarios presented in this test, and that you have tended to judge similar aspects of the acts and circumstances depicted here to be morally relevant as other people.

[summary of rest:]

Geographical distance: 83%
Family relatedness: 83%
Acts and Omissions: 18%
Scale: 100%

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