Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Big boy

By the way, T is about to grow out of a sleepsuit for the first time! We measured him last night, and he seems to be 22 inches tall.

He went a marathon 6 hours between feeds last night. Unfortunately this time ended at 3am (we'd have given him a feed at midnight, had he been awake). He had 120ml before the nappy change (which was very peaceful) and 50ml after, but he still didn't settle so J took him into the nursery for a bit. He was then given another 70ml some time before 7am, and about an hour later had a very noisy nappy change (which apparently woke my dad up - well, he is probably the one who plonked a big bag just inside the nursery door which meant I couldn't shut it to keep the noise down). Come time to get up, baby T was fast asleep.

My mum is strange - we went upstairs to bring a mattress down for her to sleep on and she made us stop, saying she was perfectly OK to sleep on the sofa (which OK is pretty comfortable, but it's a 2-seater).

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