Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

...and back out

Cycling to the hospital on the way home from work (and back again the next morning) didn't prove to be too hard - it's about 20 minutes for each leg, give or take. Jack Straw's Lane is quite steep, but then it's also fairly short (it certainly beats trying to go all the way to the top of Cumnor Hill).

They gave J some decent painkillers, so she was looking a lot better when I got there on Thursday evening. Krystina (midwife from the birth day) came to see us and had a bit of a chat, which was nice - although she saw us separately because I was in the room with the baby and J was in the `pump room'. (TJ, the other midwife from the birth day, had been the midwife who saw us when we went in on Thursday morning). When you've been in hospital a few times it's amazing how many of the faces are familiar (and they all say it's nice to get the chance to see a baby `afterwards,' although clearly the circumstances could have been better).

So I got my 8 hours' sleep (hooray!) and paid a short visit the next morning. J said she would go out for a walk to get some fresh air, after which I would continue on my way to work. At that point a nurse arrived to look at the wound. We had just got ready to go again when it turned out the doctor had arrived. It was nice to have someone who seemed to know what she was talking about (as she had looked up the lab results) and she indicated that it might be possible to send J home with some antibiotics (ones chosen to match whatever the bug is that she has). After that we finally went on our walk and I went to work.

I came back to the hospital with the car at about 7.30pm and J was ready to go - so we did. T had his supper some time before midnight and stayed awake for a time, but he was in bed by 1am and then didn't stir until well after 6am, so we had a decent night's sleep (not to mention that we didn't have to do anything this morning, so after giving T his breakfast and a new nappy we could catch up on some more Zs).

So we've had a lazy day. Went to Boots and Tesco before lunch, which we finally managed at about 3pm, and didn't do much else - although T has been a bit demanding for a fair amount of the time.

He's still awake now, but with any luck this will mean that after he's been given his supper he will be able to go to sleep for a fair chunk of the night.

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