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The power that be

Apparently there are two main electrical feeds to the North of Oxford, the main one of which is completely out and the backup one of which is damaged. I've no idea what the actual cause of this is, but rumour suggests a JCB somewhere near the department of Physics.

As a result of this, all power to the lab got turned off with little warning on Friday afternoon, and we all got to go home early (though it had actually been turned back on by the time I got home). Moreover, the University is being threatened that if it does not temporarily reduce its power requirements by 50% then power will be cut off again until the cables are repaired (current estimates of which are now into October).

Meanwhile, two of our servers (which are located in another building and are in theory non-essential) remained off over the weekend, but another server (which holds some user accounts and the spam bin of every user who has one) fell over and couldn't be resuscitated until this morning when the other servers were turned back on. The loss of that server in turn caused our mail server to grind to a near-halt.

Everything is more or less working now, but there are two days' worth of mail backlog to deliver (most of which is undoubtedly spam), and every time another batch arrives from the central Oxford mailer it causes our mail server to sulk on high load-average until the batch is dealt with.

So we now have the situation that comments to my LJ entries arrive almost immediately, whereas work-related email that I wrote at 4:27pm still hasn't left my workstation over 90 minutes later because every time sendmail tries to clear the queue the mail server is too busy to deal with it.

Ho hum...

Update: Ah, the trapped emails have at least been transmitted now (they went at 6.34pm).

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