Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

I should have known it was too good to be true

$ rup mail
           mail    up  1 day,   2:57,    load average: 13.12, 15.10, 11.61
Evidently between yesterday evening and some time this morning the mail server was sulking - hence the zero load average. It had not cleared its queue - instead the queue had filled up the spool partition so it was refusing incoming connections. Why it wasn't bothering to try delivering the queued messages I don't know, but this morning it had over 7,000 messages to deliver (800 down, 6,200 to go).

Apparently I was the first support person to get in this morning, which is pretty bad given the time at which I turn up these days, so I was given the lovely task of sorting out the mail server as well as trying to find out why the Software Engineering team's printer upstairs wasn't working (this eventually turned out to be a case of over-eager port security, so I had to web-search the Cisco docs to find out how to make it more lenient). We have two people on holiday today, one went to the doctor's this morning and the other is working from home, although he was apparently out taking his wife to the station during the time when his expertise on network hubs would have been appreciated.


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