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T might be getting better, but he still hasn't mastered this sleeping-through-the-night thing. Last night it was back to just after 2am and just before 6am, although recently he has had quite a few nights when he has slept through till about 5am. Unfortunately, getting him back to sleep then can be quite difficult, and if he then wakes up at about 7am then that's the end of the night's sleep for us, which is not good.

He had his first lot of immunisations on Friday. The wait (about 90 minutes in the end, punctuated about one hour in by his checkup with the doctor) was the worst part. Although sticking a needle in his leg did make him cry (well of course it did), he did calm down quite quickly afterward (even though the nurse then went and stuck one in the other leg too - what a cruel thing to do), helped by feeding time. Apparently he can get fever for up to 48 hours following the injection, but he only had a bit of one and he is right as rain now. We get to go through all this again in only another four weeks, though.

While he was there he weighed in at 5.79kg (12lb 12). He is a big boy now (and he's two months old tonight, too).

In other news, we managed to have an entirely quiet bath on Thursday evening - he even seemed to quite enjoy it. Sunday wasn't quite so peaceful - he screamed through the hairwash but then had his bath in peace.

On Saturday morning he went to PEEP, which is a local group focussing on education of preschool children. He quite enjoyed the singing, though he didn't pay much attention during storytime and we didn't think he was quite old enough to join in the making of treasure boxes. :-)

After that we went shopping, and then most of the rest of the day seemed to get wasted in one way or another. :-(

Today he has been rather clingy, and since J has not been feeling well I got permission from niceboss to come and work from home in the afternoon (after I sorted out a couple of things which needed seeing to on-site, which unfortunately didn't quite work out in the case of a Sony Vaio which won't load the Red Hat 9 install CD without crashing and we can't find anything on the web which might explain why). Typing with sleeping baby on lap is one thing, but when he wakes up and starts fretting it is amazing how long simple stuff takes to do. Well I did do a bit of work, anyway.

But I should be in bed by now!

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