Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

it never rains but it pours

This weekend I had the privilege of purchasing a large sheet of clear PVC cut to a strange shape and hemmed, with a U-shaped bit of plastic loosely sewn into it. And for this I paid twenty-eight poundingtons. I think someone is making a profit here.

Now this item is advertised on the same display as the Graco travel system that it supposedly goes with, so I was expecting it to be a Graco rain cover. No - it's a generic Babies ``Я'' Us rain cover. Considering the price of the item you might expect them to have put some effort into the instructions - but apparently not.
1. Offer your Raincover to the fully opened pushchair such that the rear apron elastic strap is behind the pushchair handles and that the frame member with clips lays against the front of the pushchair handle.

Now despite what bopeepsheep might say, something does not lay - it lies. But that's a minor issue. When performing this instruction it might be nice to know what constitutes the `rear apron' and where exactly behind the handle they want the elastic strap (a diagram might help, for instance). Note that they don't actually tell you to do up the elastic strap (which appears to be accomplished by hooking the end into a hole on the other side).
2. Push rear apron between seat and handle frame.

Easier than it sounds, if you finally manage to do number 1 correctly - but then if you did then it's probably hanging in the correct place anyway and doesn't need pushing. If you didn't, then not knowing what constitutes the apron or which bit of seat and frame they mean doesn't help.
3. Affix clips to pushchair frame above folding mechanism, as shown by arrow (A). Ensure that they are attached securely on both sides.

Ah, finally a diagram! Originally we thought the clips were too small to fit on the frame of our particular pushchair, but we were wrong. With a lot of effort, you can indeed get them on.
4. Unfold the hood.

It doesn't look folded to me. Oh wait, you mean lift the frame so that it no longer lies against the pushchair handle. But that's what already happened while we were faffing around trying to get the clips on.

Anyway, we were so exhausted we didn't try doing the rest of the instructions (as it wasn't actually raining at the time). But once you've got that cracked, the rest looks like it might be doable.

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