Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


It happened to be J's mother's birthday one week ago and mine five days ago, so on the 11th J and I and her parents congregated at a local branch of the Beefeater chain for a late lunch. It was good, though the things which were in batter were overdone, and I have had better meals from there. T was awake for much of the time and had to be picked up and walked around between courses. Later (quite a bit later, as we were stuffed) we had a take-home Indian meal from Tesco, which I think I was still digesting the next morning.

I also had half an official birthday on Saturday (because the 12th was otherwise occupied), so I opened a couple of presents and some cards, and in the evening we watched series 3 of Coupling, which happened to be one of my presents. :-)

We were up moderately early (though not insanely so) on Sunday for a drive up to Wolves to visit buzzy_bee and her hubby and father-in-law. Officially we were there to help them move, although in the end we didn't do that much because they seemed to have things under control (either that or they hadn't got round to transporting the rest of the stuff from the flat). Anyway, I helped them to assemble a double bed and J helped them to arrange the books and CDs on shelves in some sort of order, and then we went out for a(nother) late pub lunch, which was pretty good (and despite protesting that I couldn't manage a dessert, I did have one in the end, so that's two consecutive days of overeating).

After we got back we watched series 3 of Father Ted, which had been another of my presents.

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