Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Jessops are muppets

Another in the series of early mornings (well, I say `early' but that just means early for me and would probably be considered quite decadent by some people) saw me preparing to go out to work on Monday while bopeepsheep went back to the dentist's. Although we had decided I didn't have to go and meet her I received a reverse-charge phone call (with an operator saying "Mrs C calling will you pay for the call?" quite quickly in a Scottish accent so that it took me quite some time to work out what she had said) in which J informed me she had gone out without her 7-day bus ticket. So I spent 15 minutes looking for it, without success, then got my bike out and found the tyre flat again. Fortunately it stayed up when I pumped it up, so I went out to meet J and give her a bit of cash so she could make it back home.

So then I proceeded to the bike shop, where I left my bike for a service, and continued by bus to work (arriving horribly late - again).

Meanwhile J went into town and collected our photos from Jessops. These are the photos that her brother took two weeks ago when we went to his house and had a photo shoot with the baby. The following is a paraphrase of the conversation I had when I took the films in to be developed; there were two colour films and two black-and-white ones (the reason for choosing Jessops).
me: I'd like to put in these films to be developed. There are two black-and-white ones.
Assistant: Black and white films take 1-2 weeks.
me: Oh. And how much are CDs?
Assistant: £2.99 - and it takes 1-2 weeks.
me: This 1-2 weeks would be in addition to the 1-2 weeks for processing the black and white films?
Assistant: Yes.
me: Oh. Er, well we'll have CDs for just the colour ones then.
Assistant: You can have a Kodak CD or a Jessops CD. A Kodak CD takes one week but doesn't have very high resolution. A Jessops CD takes two weeks and has high resolution pictures.
me: Would you happen to know what the resolution of the Kodak CD is?
Assistant: About 1.5 million pixels.
me: OK. I think I'll have Jessops CDs then.
The assistant then put an `X' in the box for the Jessops CD and wrote `Jessops CD' on the back of the envelope for each of the colour films, and I paid about 30 pounds for the privilege (black and white processing is rather more expensive than colour processing for some reason). However, I did then receive four free films. Which was nice.

So what did J come home with? Two Kodak CDs. One copy of each photo, at 1536x1024, and a load of proprietory software. In addition, J's brother had previously taken some pictures of stars on one of the films, but Jessops hadn't noticed there was anything on them and had failed to either print them or put them on the CD; and that same film also had a shadow covering the left-hand third of almost every photograph (although I suspect that was J's brother's fault rather than Jessops', since he'd taken the film out of the camera and then later put it back in). Oh well. At least there are quite a few good ones in there.

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