Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

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Yay and boo

Yay to: healthy bouncing babies, permanently-on Internet, friends and relatives, a tenner on the thunderball, quizzes and more quizzes*, Tesco's Finest yoghurt.

Boo to: getting up in the morning, flat tyres, neighbours' cats pooing in the garden, trivial quirks that take all night to investigate+, stuff in the fridge that's too old.

* I think the closing date for this quiz will be some time tomorrow morning.
+ When my machine (Linux 2.2.19) mounts the MSDOS filesystem from my digital camera's compact flash card (in a PCMCIA slot) it seems to be convinced that my camera is still in Summer time because it lists all the files as created one hour earlier than they actually were. Still haven't solved that, so I've put the camera's clock an hour forward again for now.

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