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Thanks to those who took part in the `friend test' - and to those who didn't, "thanks". :-p

Final score table:

 1  bopeepsheep  82
 2  webhill      58
 3  Megan        56
 4  hsenag       56
 5  jdc          47
 6  bisonwife    39
 7  popsock      30
1. The place where I was born is called: Blackburn, Farnworth, Bolton, Westhaughton or Oxford

Townley's Hospital was apparently built in 1896 next door to the local workhouse, and just over half a century later the whole site was renamed to Bolton District General Hospital. Some years after I was born there, the `District' was removed from the name, but today it is just called the Royal Bolton Hospital. So where is this illustrious institution? It's a couple of miles south of Bolton town centre in what presumably used to be the village of Farnworth but is now a district of Bolton called Farnworth. So: full marks for Farnworth and half marks for Bolton. The majority of people got full marks here, presumably because they remember me going on about it in connection with my birth certificate which records Farnworth (sub-district Townley's) as my place of birth.

Incidentally, apologies for the misspelling of `Westhoughton' but I don't suppose anyone noticed.

2. What colour are my eyes (brown, grey, green, blue or hazel)?

Surprisingly even voting here (at least one vote for each answer). They are grey, for which ten points. Some people have been known to describe them as blue, so 4 points for that anwser even though I disagree with them.

3. I have been based in Oxford (since I started university) for: 5, 8, 13, 16 or 18 years

As it says in my LJ user info, I started University in 1987 (in October, obviously, since that's the start of the academic year) so simple arithmetic gives you 16 years and a bit. There were two correct answers here. If you said less than 16 years then you got a point or two, since I have been here for that long (and the rest - see also `how many months have 28 days?'). The only person not to get any points here was bopeepsheep!

4. My first paid employment was at:
Oxford University
Mercer Fraser

Apparently only my wife knew that I worked for IBM at Hursley for a year before going to university. I have worked for all the above except Dillon's, which is therefore the only answer that didn't merit any points. Oxford University only gets one point because that is my current employment.

5. The place where I work now is formally called:
The Queen's College

Some of my waffling refers to `Comlab' but that's the informal name so only merits half marks. No one picked up the single point on offer for `Ecslab' which is where our undergraduates do their practicals. Three people knew the answer was OUCL (Oxford University Computing Laboratory) but two people fell into the trap of selecting OUCS, which is on the other side of Banbury Road from here.

6. What is my wife's livejournal username (jmc, bopeepsheep, smallclanger, bo_peep or major_clanger)?

Thankfully everyone knew it is bopeepsheep.

7. Our first child:
was born two months after our wedding
was born two months before our first anniversary
was born two days after our first anniversary
is due two days before our second anniversary
hasn't even been thought of yet

He was born two days after our first anniversary. Full marks again - no, it wasn't a shotgun wedding. :-)

8. OK, it turns out that we have a son after all, and the slightly confusing thing about his family is:
he has the same forename as one of his grandads
his two sets of grandparents have the same surname
two of his uncles have the same forename
two of his aunties have the same forename
he has a grandma and an auntie with the same forename

He has two `Uncle Andrew's - so we've decided that one of them will be Andy.

9. The topic of my D.Phil. thesis was:
programming language implementation
program development in action systems
software refinement in Unity
typesetting and font design
Edwardian English literature

Well, nobody had me down as a student of literature. Almost everyone picked up points here - possibly the two rather similar titles provided too much of a clue. `Unity' is a model for parallel programming that I studied before deciding on action systems as my chosen formalism, so a nominal 2 points were awarded for being within the right ballpark.

10. The CDs which spent the longest time in my stereo system (until a couple of years ago) were those of: Abba, Bach, Madness, Rameau or SKY

Every answer except the correct one of Rameau had some votes here. Apparently most of you have me down as an Abba fan. It's true that my parents have several of their albums and we used to play them frequently on car journeys, so I'm not entirely unapproving of their music; but I'm afraid I don't actually own any myself, so no points for that. Similarly, though I don't think I ever heard a Madness song that I didn't like, I don't own any of their music either. A token gesture of 2 points went to those who answered Bach or SKY because those have both occupied the CD tray beside Rameau (it fits 5 discs).


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