Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

How to achieve very little

Unusually, smallclanger let us sleep in till after 11 yesterday morning (although there were of course various interruptions). Which was nice, but meant we didn't go to PEEP.

So we skipped breakfast and had some lunch while listening to The News Quiz and I marked the TV sci-fi quiz. We then planned to take various stuff to the waste&recycling centre, go and vacuum the flat and give the keys to the estate agent, and go shopping.

bopeepsheep will probably tell you exactly how long it took me to type up the quiz answers, but the posting time of 2.48pm is a bit of a clue. With that marathon over with, I started collecting up the various piles of cardboard and took them to the car. When all the bits of rubbish were packed, we had to wait for T to finish feeding and then get him ready to go out. By this time it had already been decreed that the flat business would wait until the next day. We finally arrived at the recycling centre at 4.07pm only to discover that it closed at 4pm. (And so did several other vehicles!) This was not good, and we had to take all the stuff home and plonk the bags of garden waste back in the garden before setting off again to go to Mothercare and Tesco. Well, at least we managed to carry out that part of the plan. After that we watched Legally Blonde on DVD but not a lot else happened.

I went to the flat today to do the vacuuming, but didn't drop the keys off because the estate agent doesn't seem to be open on Sundays (which doesn't surprise me really). And after lunch I took the bags back out to the car and carted all the rubbish back to the recycling centre (and stopped at Tesco on my way back to buy some washing line). Hoorah!

And this evening we watched Ice Age on DVD.

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