Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

October 'flu went round as usual last month. bopeepsheep caught it for quite a long time (it might have been two colds joined together) and then smallclanger caught it too. I got off lightly - I spent a week with a slightly scratchy throat and a more-than-usual dependence on Ventolin.

While we were in Bolton, my sister-in-law lost her voice (which apparently often happens to her when she gets a bad cold - she had no voice the day before bopeepsheep and I got married, and she was due to do one of the readings, but fortunately she managed it on the day). The night we got back from Bolton/Telford my mum rang and told me that my brother had taken his wife to A&E because she had a very high temperature (where they had to wait an insanely long time to see a doctor) and they were apparently saying it might be viral meningitis (though they also said it wasn't particularly contagious). Fortunately, the next day we found out that it was "only" an upper respiratory infection coupled with pneumonia, and I think she eventually got better from that.

However, smallclanger decided it was his turn to have a high temperature, so he got taken to the doctor. By some coincidence (or not) we were told that he had an upper respiratory infection. We didn't get any medicine (besides liquid paracetamol) because doctors don't like prescribing medicine for babies when it's most likely they will get better for themselves. So baby spent the next week or so with a rattling chest and a bad `smoker's' cough. Fortunately the temperature only lasted for the next day or two, and he too has now recovered pretty much fully.

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