Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

The A205 and other car parks

So anyway, the day after the fireworks party we went to visit Baby D, who lives in Lewisham with her mum and dad. We had said we would set off at 11am and aim to be there by 1, but for one reason or another (mainly trying to get decent directions out of the AA's web site and then faffing about with the printer) didn't get out until 11:30. Still, the directions said we should be able to get there in not much more than an hour and a half.

Mapquest had told us to go via central London and had listed half the streets on the Monopoly board, but we didn't think that was sensible on Remembrance Sunday - hence the AA's directions, which featured the South Circular. However, the directions didn't really get across quite how windy and twisty the South Circular is, and faced with increasingly complicated diagrams on the road signs we ended up doing one particular junction three times. That wasn't quite so bad, though: it wasn't long after that when we encountered the huge mass of slowly moving traffic. It took us an hour to do the last 10 miles, and we didn't arrive until well after 2.

But we did have a good lunch and a couple of hours gawking at the baby. She was 10 days old, I think, and very small compared with smallclanger - but at 6 lb 4 she was a very decent weight considering that she wasn't actually due until the end of November. She opened her eyes for a while and gave us all a view of her pretty face. Like smallclanger she was born with quite a lot of hair. Mum was doing pretty well (and so was Dad, obviously). We delivered a big batch of clothes that T has grown out of, and a new outfit as a present from us.

Fortunately there wasn't quite so much stopped traffic on the way back (though there was a little bit) and we only made the one detour, so it took us two hours instead of three to get home.

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