Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

This weekend

. . . we opened the box of baby rice. smallclanger is now four months old and, to celebrate, his first order of soup of the day (cream of rice flour with a generous splash of freshly expressed milk) was served on Saturday morning and not all of it came back out again. This exercise was repeated in the evening - and again on Sunday. It may sound like boring food to you, but that's nothing compared to his diet so far, which has consisted of milk, milk and more milk. Oh, and the very occasional spoon of liquid paracetamol with strawberry flavouring, some orange flavoured Infacol when he was younger, and some apple flavoured cough medicine which he didn't like at all.

On Sunday afternoon we trekked over to Weybridge for a gathering of relatives - at which a fair few of bopeepsheep's cousins and uncles and aunties got to meet the baby for the first time and all said how handsome and well behaved he is. When that was over we also stopped at bopeepsheep's other grandmother's house for an hour or so. And then it was back on the M40 in the driving rain.

This tired T out, so he slept for a fair while after we got back, and we managed to have our tea in peace for once. Just before going to bed I managed to spoonfeed him several grams of the rice mixture. Half of it came straight back out of his mouth immediately after going in (which results in him being given each spoonful about five times), so it was rather messy, but he didn't complain once before the bowl was finished, so I feel I've accomplished something. However, this didn't stop him from being a hungry caterpillar all night.

I get the impression that (at least when he is in an amenable mood) the spitting out isn't dissatisfaction but more that he doesn't quite know how to eat off a spoon yet. Lots more practice will see things improve, I'm sure.

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