Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Mixed lemmings

I decided to do the answers to the 20 questions thing all in one, so here it is. Several answers are just general; some are for a specific individual [not necessarily the same one each time] who has previously posted one of these. . . but which one?

1. "Hey you!"
2. Absolutely.
3. Since we first met (to a degree of approximation).
4. See above.
5. You are pretty but you don't have to wear black all the time.
6. Oh, probably.
7. Chocolate. And glitter.
8. What, again? I should hope not. :-)
9. The love of your life.
10. People falling out with each other.
11. Plastic penguins.
12. If I won the lottery I would clear your debts. But I haven't, so I can't. Still time yet, though. . .
13. I don't think I know you very well at all.
14. Leaving Debenhams at lunch time.
15. That would be telling. Actually no, probably not.
16. Other people have done far better than I at answering this question.
17. Shapely.
18. Just ticking over.
19. I'm not very good at talking full stop; but inasmuch as I could, then yes.
20. No. Or yes. This is my livejournal anyway. :-p

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