Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

More dialect

What words or phrases are there which you use (or used to use) but wouldn't be widely understood? They may be dialect words which are peculiar to the region in which you live, or they may have been coined by your family or friends. Existing English words count, if they have a special meaning when used by your family.

Here are five of mine:

Elsie Pong: when you are on a nice drive through the countryside on a warm Summer afternoon, and suddenly your nose alerts you to the fact that a nearby farmer has been spreading slurry on his fields. Apparently my Granny used to say something like `oh, that's a healthy pong' and her passengers would reply `who is Elsie Pong?'. (Who the passengers were would depend on when this was, which I'm afraid I have no idea about: it could by my grandad, my dad and his sister, or possibly my cousin.)

skrike (of a child) = to cry loudly. My granny was often complaining about `skriking kids'. This one is still in the dictionary as a dialect word.

nowty: stroppy - used when your child shouts or throws a sudden tantrum for no good discernable reason. I am imagining this derives from `naughty' in the same way that `nowt' comes from `nought.'

gobbin (or should that be `gobin'?): a clot, a big dope, a pie-can, a daft bat or a daft 'a'p'orth. No idea where this word came from and I can't find it in the dictionary.

waffle in standard English means to be verbose without actually getting to a point. We used to use it to mean `telling fibs'. This probably derives from the fact that my brother used to talk on and on, so we would tell him he was waffling; but its meaning mutated (for some reason which I can't remember) so that when he told fibs we would also tell him he was waffling. The interjection `Waffle!' was also appropriate to rebuff someone who had just told an untruth. See also: Carlsberg!. I forget the exact details, but I think this brand, whose usual slogan is `probably the best lager in the world,' started an advertising campaign which said `definitely the best lager in the world' and then implied in some way which I don't recall that the preceding statement was waffle - I mean, was a big fib.


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