Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Time out

On Thursday buzzy_bee visited and had a day out with bopeepsheep and smallclanger. We were to take the baby for an evening with his grandparents so that we could go and see Mitch Benn, but we found out that the gig had been cancelled (boo). However, we still carried out the first part of the plan and instead of Mitch Benn we went to the Odeon and saw Love, Actually which we thought was quite good, actually.

On Saturday we went out to High Wycombe to do some Christmas shopping, and were pretty successful. T got several new books out of the deal (including a couple of big anthologies).

On Sunday we achieved putting T's cotbed together, although we haven't yet achieved persuading him to spend the night in it.

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