Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Oh yes. . .

On Tuesday my irc client also stopped working for no apparent reason.

It wouldn't surprise me if graphical irc clients from KDE, GNOME, etc [there's also one in Mozilla] had overtaken it by now, but when I installed tkirc in 1998 (on my Red Hat 4.2 machine!) it seemed to be the best available by far. Some time later I hacked it to support mIRC colours (because people kept using them on the channel I frequented - though, typically, they seemed to stop coming once I'd fixed it) and fixed a small bug. I've been happy with it ever since then, so I hadn't noticed that there's a tkirc2. I'll have to check it out some time.

Anyway, after a lot of faffing about I discovered a server on which it still worked, so I joined the chat - just as it was coming to a close. From traces of successful and unsuccessful connections I noticed that the `good' server was sending back a message ":my_id JOIN :#ql" while the `bad' server was sending the same but without the second colon. Hmph - this can only have changed in the last week or so. Anyway, based on that info I managed to fix it.

I wondered if the same thing had broken ircII's autoop script - but no, it was apparently just a random failure which has been fixed by a restart.

Today's lot of faffing about involved my watch strap, which broke (again) yesterday. Oddly enough, holding a baby is something of a hindrance to assembling small parts. ;-)

(Yesterday's faffing about was in the cooking of sausages and mash, so the results were good - but for no particularly good reason it wasn't ready until almost 10pm, which is rather late even for us! In particular, much of the faffing was going through the whole 5kg bag of potatoes taking the buds off in the hope that the remaining potatoes will still be of some use next time we come to them.)

smallclanger has just gone to bed. Let's see if he will stay there!
Update: No! Wakefulness after 35 minutes then back to sleep (with some squeaky noises about 10 minutes in) then loud wailing at 11:45 followed by three hours' sleep and then having to be brought back for a feed.

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