Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Overdue results of navigation poll

I like my session history (though seemingly I'm in a small minority). I start off at about: as it's a nice neutral place to be, and I may stack a couple of frequently-used sites (these days LJ goes on the top of the stack). Then I browse, and when I've finished browsing I tidy up by pruning the history back to where it was before (thus taking me back to LJ). The browser then doesn't have to remember dozens of pages which I'm never going back to, and they don't clutter up my `Go' menu either. Hence question 3 on the poll. Two people agreed with me and one selected the `back' button which has a similar effect but takes longer. Most people seemingly ignore the session history and just load a new copy of the page they want to get back to.

Question 4 had a different response, though: 70% agreed with me that they would fill in the poll and then press the `back' button to get back to the Friends page, rather than loading a new copy of the Friends page - which three people said they would do. One of those three actually told me I was silly for using the `back' button (which I don't understand at all, and I'm glad that the results vindicate me!). But it's clearly the only way to do it consistent with the above philosophy. The `back button' is, after all, the second most used navigation feature on the web (where the first is clicking on a hyperlink).

Anyway, assuming I've just done that to return to my Friends page after filling in a poll, reloading the Friends page shows up a small quirk in Mozilla: it tries to preserve your form entries when you reload a page [though I still haven't worked out why some form entries and not others seem to disappear when I revisit a form that I filled in earlier, particularly on Google Groups] but of course LJ replaces your filled-in poll with the poll results, so it's entirely possible for your filled-in form entries to reappear in another unrelated poll on your Friends page.

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