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No channel activity at all until Friday morning, when I discovered this on the screen:

*** Erwin9 (stryker@ has joined channel #QL
<Erwin9> op me
<Erwin9> op me
*+* Mode change "+o Erwin9" on channel #QL by VENGABOY
<Erwin9> thanks
*** hornihoni (~hornihoni@ has joined channel #QL
*<* hornihoni has left channel #QL
*** hornihoni (~hornihoni@ has joined channel #QL
<hornihoni> hmp
*<* hornihoni has left channel #QL
*<* VENGABOY has left channel #QL

Some time during the afternoon, this happened:

*** VENGABOY ( has joined channel #QL
*+* Mode change "+o VENGABOY" on channel #QL by Erwin9
*+* Mode change "+b *!*services*@*" on channel #QL by VENGABOY
*<* Signoff: VENGABOY (Read error: EOF from client)
*** VENGABOY ( has joined channel #QL

How exciting.

At 9pm we all gathered for our regular chat, but in a different channel. Some of us stayed in #ql to monitor it.

At very approximately midnight, with three of us still on the channel, it suddenly sprang to life...

*+* Mode change "+o VENGABOY" on channel #QL by Erwin9
<Erwin9> hello guys
<xz80> hello
<Erwin9> where you from?

I thought about it, and decided it was only polite to reply.

<xz80> Oxford
*+* Mode change "-b *!*services*@*" on channel #QL by VENGABOY
<Erwin9> off i see

Not sure what that bit was about, but anyway. Next thing I knew, I was receiving some private messages.

[Erwin9] we can take care of the channel
[Erwin9] i will op you
[Erwin9] ok?

Well, well. Not much to say except "ok", and behold:

*+* Mode change "+o xz80" on channel #QL by Erwin9
[Erwin9] thank you
<xz80> thanx
<Erwin9> youre welcome
<Erwin9> i have to go
<Erwin9> cyah, i need to sleep
<xz80> bye

(Why am I being thanked for being given ops?)

-Announce- The Undernet User Committee will be presenting a Beginner^Rs Class
for users of the Undernet and IRC. To attend, please type /join
#class now. Thanks, and please do not reply :o)

(I do wish they wouldn't use control characters in their announcements. And shouldn't that be "Beginners'"? (-:)

My two fellow chatters left the channel, and we went to bed. On the up side, perhaps this means they aren't thieves after all (although you've got to wonder about someone who adopts bin Laden as his alter-ego). On the down side, this probably means I've got to be polite to them (at least for a while) because if I'm not then I'll be the "bad guy" and it might turn into a full scale war.

This afternoon:

*** Erwin9 has been kicked off channel #QL by VENGABOY (request)
*<* VENGABOY has left channel #QL

Peace at last?

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