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Rules of games

Nothing much should be read into these polls except that there may have been a friendly dispute during the holiday period over the precise rules. I don't guarantee to take any notice of the results. :-)
  1. In Chrononauts there are a few cards which can say `draw three cards, play two and discard one' or something similar. Sometimes, though, when you have your three cards you just don't want to play two of them (there might not even be two cards which you can legally play, but that's another story). So:
    Poll #235407 Chrononauts

    Can I play one and discard two?

    Yes - a discard is a valid play, and you can `kill time' too.
    Yes, but killing time isn't valid because it requires you to throw away a card that you should have played.
    No - it tells you to play two cards and only says you can discard one of them.

    You should probably only answer this poll if you have played Chrononauts or if you have read all the rules and are reasonably confident you would know how to play.

  2. One of our Christmas presents was a Mancala set. The rules aren't the ones that bopeepsheep is used to (as she has been playing Meristones on Neopets) nor ones that I had seen (my brother used to possess a game called `Wari' which is a variation on this theme and was twinned with a tiddley-winks game, hence the name of the pack: Wari-Winks); however, they seem to be the ones most widely found on the web. You can also play online, though this may influence your vote in this poll. . .

    One of the rules states:

    If your last piece lands in an empty hollow on your side of the board, you empty the opposite hollow on your opponent's side of the board, placing all those pieces and the piece that landed in the empty hollow into your mancala.
    Poll #235408 Mancala

    If my last piece lands in an empty hollow on my side of the board but the opposite hollow is also empty, what happens?

    I place the piece that landed in the empty hollow into my mancala (together with the zero pieces in the opposite hollow).
    Nothing further, since I didn't capture any pieces.
  3. The precise details of `In One Word' are unimportant. Suffice to say that you have to make your teammates say the word or phrase on the card within a strict time limit*. In one instance of this I allowed the other team to go a few seconds over the time limit to see whether they would get it, as they seemed quite close and it was a shame to stop them mid-flow (the precise thinking, or lack of same, behind this will probably remain forever hidden in the inaccessible depths of my brain). The facts are these:
    • The phrase on the card was `ice cream cone'.
    • The words `ice cream' were said before the timer expired
    • The word `cone' was said after the timer expired but before I stopped the round (about 5-10 seconds later).
    • At no time were the words `ice cream cone' said consecutively.
    • If the team successfully conveys the word or phrase within the time limit, they get the point; otherwise, the point automatically goes to the opposing team.
    Poll #235409 In One Word

    Who gets the point?

    We do, as they clearly didn't get it in time.
    They do, since it's my responsibility to say when the time is up and I clearly failed in my duty.
    No one - let's void it.
    *In fact there are five words or phrases and you have to get all of them within the time limit; moreover there's also a word limit, but these details aren't relevant to the point under consideration.

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