Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Peace. . .

smallclanger didn't have an early evening nap last night, as far as I remember, so he began to get tired as it got towards 10pm. I managed to get him into his cot by about 10:20 and he slept for the usual 45 minutes or so until about 11:10 when there was a brief protest before I got him back to sleep again. Then. . . nothing until just after 7am! I turned the magical musical lamb on and he went straight back to sleep until 9:20am, when it was time to have breakfast and get up.

He is a very good boy and I hope we can encourage more nights of 11 hours' sleep in future. :-)

Oh go on then. Here's my map. Now just because I've been to the USA doesn't mean I've been to Alaska; just because I once happened to go across the Canadian border at Niagara Falls doesn't mean I've covered the entire northern half of North America, and just because I live in the UK doesn't mean I've been to the Falklands. But anyway. At least it got Ireland right (I've been to NI but not to the republic; NI is coloured in because it's part of the UK).

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