Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


Last night at about 10.30pm I happened to look at this "Google mirror" in Mozilla 1.3 on my aging (but still perfectly workable) Red Hat 5.1 system (heavily hacked to support kernel 2.2.19).

Unfortunately while typing text into the input box I happened to press one of the arrow keys, which sent Mozilla into an endless memory-consuming loop. The system entered swap-of-death mode and was unusable until 03:44 when the kernel VM system decided to kill X. (By that time it did seem to have obeyed my "switch to vt 3" command, but it was too late as I was asleep in bed.) Why does it always go for the X server? If it had actually killed off Mozilla (which was by far the largest process) I would still have my session intact.

While the machine was thrashing it wouldn't respond to ssh connections, and while it did respond to telnet connections [only from the private network, naturally] it didn't do so quickly enough to be able to log in before the 60-second timeout. (ftp seemed to be working, but that wasn't much use.)

Oh well. I won't do that again...

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