Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


... are dropping like flies. The latest casualty is a T21 which seems to work perfectly in all respects except that the screen remains black throughout. Fortunately it still works when plugged into an external monitor. But for some reason this machine doesn't seem to beep (or say 16384K OK or anything like that) when it starts up, so the "troubleshooting guide"'s advice to listen for the beep isn't helpful. It does beep if you set the BIOS to perform an old-style diagnostic POST at startup, but then it takes years to test all its memory.

The compaq problem turned out not to be caused by pcmcia but by updfstab (called at the end of the pcmcia shutdown script). And that's why I had to turn kudzu off too. I haven't investigated what on earth updfstab does to cause a hard crash (and I probably won't, either).

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