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. . . Which brings us up to date

April 11, Easter Sunday: I made it to the morning service (for the last time until late May, for various reasons) but it's as well that there wasn't a choir item because I only just got there for 10:30. When I got back home we set out to Witney for lunch with the in-laws where, among other things, we christened our Chronology set. And now I have have three easter eggs (to smallclanger's four); one from my parents, one from bopeepsheep and one from her parents. As bopeepsheep pointed out to me, I still have some chocolate left over from Christmas; but I may yet still finish them before smallclanger finishes his. I feel a bit guilty for not having got bopeepsheep one, but I didn't plan far enough ahead and she's on Weight Watchers so I didn't think that buying chocolate was the best way to encourage this.

I'm not sure precisely what we did on Easter Monday. However, during this week I converted my Nokia 3310 phone into a 3315 using my cable and an elusive piece of software called kNok (which sadly doesn't work under Wine and so needs a real Windoze machine). All this does is set a flag in the phone to enable some extra features, namely: timed profiles, timed keyboard-lock and a dinky picture editor. I'm wondering why Nokia supplies phones with those things inside but not turned on by default. Anyway, although I can't send picture messages to my phone, I can now design them using the picture editor and so I've manually copied a 72x28 bitmap (which I made a while ago) into the phone to use as my screensaver.

This week I also replaced the rechargeable batteries inside my shaver. From lasting 3-4 weeks when it was new (not quite three years ago, I think) it had deteriorated to lasting only 3-4 shaves. So last week I peeked inside and saw two 700mAH NiCd AA batteries, differing only from normal ones in that they had solder tags on them. I ordered replacements (actually 1800mAH NiMH ones) from Eurobatteries which I have now slotted in and they seem to have done the trick.

Saturday was reasonably productive. In the morning I successfully installed our stair gate at the top of the stairs. In the afternoon we did a bit of tidying up in the garden while smallclanger had a bit of a crawl around on the grass, and then I lowered the mattress in his cot-bed while bopeepsheep went into town for a bit of shopping. We allowed smallclanger to have a couple of the white chocolate buttons from one of his easter egg for supper. I say `allowed', but we pretty much had to force him to eat it! We went to bed fairly early and opened our pack of Fluxx.

On Sunday after hastily disassembling the crib in order to return it to its owner from whom we borrowed it, we set out to Lightwater via some torrential rain on the road to Reading and past Bracknell (which is apparently not the fastest route according to online map sites, but it did avoid the M25 which is probably a good thing) in order to attend one of the family gatherings which happen from time to time in bopeepsheep's family. It was the day of her cousin's first Holy Communion (which we didn't attend because it was apparently quite early in the morning). So we saw lots of family, talked, had a buffet lunch, returned the crib and took home a musical baby-walker passed down from another of bopeepsheep's cousins. We came home via the A404 and High Wycombe, which would probably have been quicker had there not been a queue on the M40 following a minor accident. Our plans to go to bed early again and have some more games of Fluxx were disrupted by smallclanger who decided he wasn't going to just lie down and go to sleep, so by the time we got him to sleep we were pretty tired and decided to call it a night.

On Tuesday smallclanger showed his three-and-a-bit new teeth to the dentist, who said everything looked fine before going on to give his mummy a filling.

Last night we did a bit of tidying up in the bedroom, which sadly is not my strong point, but there is a bit more floor on view now in the space where the crib was.

buzzy_bee is visiting us today, but sadly I'm at work. I said hello before disappearing off this morning. I cycled out of our front street straight into a funeral procession, which was a bit odd.


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