Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


Well, despite Expedia saying "tickets will be sent in 6 business days*" (which is a bit worrying given that there were only five clear weekdays between the day I booked and the day of the outward flight), the tickets to Frankfurt International <g> arrived this morning. Hoorah, how efficient of them.

Meanwhile, I've just given in and ordered some wireless networking kit. It's supposed to arrive three days from despatch and it's in stock so with any luck it should be here before we leave.

Update: I've received the despatch confirmation, so it should be here by Thursday. Unfortunately it got canned by my filter because they sent it in HTML only, so it's a good job I looked. Sadly, owing to the volume of spam (about 800 a day currently) it's not feasible to check in there for lost items unless I know what I'm looking for. Which I did, on this occasion.

* Another odd thing: when they were failing to sell me tickets to Stuttgart they wanted an extra 12 quid for courier delivery of the tickets, but that mysteriously went away again when I switched to Frankfurt.

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