Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Recent events summary

Didn't feel so well on Friday afternoon - as I set off home in the evening I was shivering, though the weather was mildly warm, and I had a swimmy head. It got worse during the evening but then better overnight and my temperature had returned to normal by the morning.

So we set off to buzzy_bee and the_muttster's house for the purpose of game-playing as originally intended (well, probably later than originally intended, but that's just what seems to happen in this household). We got there by 3pm, at which point buzzy_bee and bopeepsheep disappeared off to some cross-stitch meet or other, taking smallclanger with them. So the_muttster got out the Game Cube and the Super Monkeyball disc. I turned out to be slightly competent at golf (scoring a win and a draw), pretty rubbish at most other things and totally incompetent at racing (coming in last place on every race). On Monkeyball 2, though, I won the bowling-with-obstacles game.

One afternoon later, the others returned via Makro, bopeepsheep having collected 72 cans of drink and a £30 DVD player among other things, and a slow start was made towards tea, which was to be barbecued salmon with veggies. the_muttster was also given the job of `optimising' bopeepsheep's Windows XP laptop.

At about 8:30 we realised that the Eurovision Song Contest was on, so we put the telly on in the background. We heard some bits of it and saw still fewer bits of it.

So, in common with the last time, it was already fairly late on in the day when we got down to the games. We decided to begin with Triopoly.

Now this isn't the same as Monopoly - oh no - that would be a trademark violation. In this completely different game, you have three concentric square-shaped circuits made up of locations from the USA. These are printed on separate boards, so you have the option of playing a shorter game with only one or two circuits. (Sadly they don't provide stands so that you can stack them up wedding-cake-style and have a truly 3D game of Triopoly.) We chose to play with two. Anyway, landing on a street entitles you to buy the title deed of that street if it is still for sale; if not, then it entitles you to pay rent to its current owner. Once you have all two, three or four locations from any one city then you can build malls on them; once you have two malls on each then you can sell them back to the bank and build skyscrapers instead. However, you can build a gas station on any street even if you don't have the full set; the down side is that you have to demolish it before you can put a mall up, and you don't get any money back for it.

There are also two decks of cards, which come into play when you land on the appropriate squares. A Stock Exchange card causes you to win or lose money, as stated on the card. A Travel card causes you to travel instantly to the location specified on the card - which may be just what you wanted, or it might be a complete disaster. One notable thing about the Travel card is that you travel instantly to the specified location without passing `Pay Day', so it's possible to go for quite a long time without ever collecting your 300 dollars.

It's safe to say that the loser in this game was bopeepsheep, since she landed on one of my malls, didn't have the cash to hand, and decided to stop rather than faff about mortgaging all her property. At that point we decided to call it a day. Without counting up we think buzzy_bee had the most money, partly because she had hardly bought any property, but I was clearly going places because I had two sets with six malls between them. It was declared a draw.

After that we introduced the hosts to Fluxx and had a few rounds of that. So now they are going to look out for a set for themselves.

And finally before going to bed we played a couple of rounds of Chronology, at which I did somewhat badly.

Next morning, bopeepsheep begged to play Animal Crossing on the Cube, while the_muttster finished fettling the laptop. Before we left, we all had a quick game of Super Mario Karting at which I didn't do too badly, though I didn't win.

And so we departed to our next engagement, still without playing Settlers or having a Risk re-match (though we have at least opened the former - I had a game of it in March).

(To be continued…)

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