Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Part 2

We took buzzy_bee's advice and went a short hop on the motorway rather than following MapQuest's instructions to the letter in order to get to Harborne. We had to go round the roundabout a few times just off the motorway before we found the correct road and the rest of the instructions weren't quite plain sailing, but anyway we made it eventually to St Mary's about 10 minutes late for the start of the service in which one of bopeepsheep's cousins was to take First Holy Communion. After letting her out with the baby I then spent another 10 minutes trying to park and then wondering where I was going to sit.

Anyway, that all went fairly well, though it was sweltering inside the church. I wondered if I recognised the organist as someone who used to be at Queen's many years ago, but I didn't get chance to find out as J developed a very painful back towards the end of the service and had to be taken out to the car as soon as it finished. We then had a short hop with only a few wrong turnings to J's cousin's house for general milling about in the garden and buffet lunch. We said hello to various of J's relatives and smallclanger enjoyed crawling about on the lawn in the sunshine. Lunch finished at about 5pm with chocolate cake, and we began to disperse.

On arriving home I gave J the bag of birthday presents which I had intended taking out (oops) and we moved slowly towards bed, with a late night tea consisting of a tuna baguette sandwich.

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