Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Another weekend out

We got up relatively early on Saturday and set off to the NEC for the Baby Show. (We noted that the NEC's travel information page is too full of advertising fluff to actually tell you that it is at junction 6 of the M42 - don't they think that bit of information is useful enough?)

So we went round looking at things, collecting freebies and (especially in bopeepsheep's case) spending money. At 1pm or so, just after we had given smallclanger his free lunch [TANSTAAFL] at the Babylicious café, we were joined by buzzy_bee. Sadly, our lunch wasn't free (it was quite expensive actually). Anyway, we saw some interesting things, though we didn't go to the baby modelling workshop or enter smallclanger in the crawling race (which didn't actually seem to be taking place - we saw no evidence of any activity, and at 4pm the sign still said `next race 1:15'). bopeepsheep and buzzy_bee both had a £10 massage at the Bottlegreen indulgence centre (and both said it was very good).

On the way back to the car, while trying not to let smallclanger's pushchair overbalance with all the booty hanging off it, we had a minor accident with the `hungry caterpillar' change bag, which was a bit of a shame.

And so it was off back down the M40 towards home. We stopped at Argos, but it wasn't open. Then, while we were debating whether to go to Homebase I missed the ring-road turn-off from the A34 and somehow we ended up in Abingdon - so we went to the big Tesco there. And Homebase. But they didn't have any decent rakes.

On Sunday morning I took smallclanger on a rare outing to Wesley Memorial, as bopeepsheep was feeling too stiff to be able to lift him, which makes looking after him difficult. He got a bit chatty half way through the sermon, so I stood in the front porch with him and he shouted greetings at the passers by. Afterwards everyone said how cheerful and healthy he looked (and I said `just coming up to ten months now' far too many times). A lot of the regular congregation didn't seem to be there - I found out that this was because it was the church weekend break - but Victoria R (whom j4 knows) was there for the first time in ages so I'm glad we caught up with her.

In the afternoon we went out to Witney (and Argos was open, though we didn't collect anything except a catalogue) and took smallclanger to see his uncle who now has a posh digital camera and took lots of pictures. (And his auntie. And his other uncle and auntie-to-be popped in as well.) And then we spent a while at his granny's before coming back home and deciding what to have for tea - which made it quite late. Fortunately, smallclanger got quite tired by the time we were ready to take him up to bed, and he settled down without a protest (until the wee-small-hours, at which point he had to come and have a comfort feed).

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