Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Surreal spam

Looks at first glance like it ought to make sense, but clearly doesn't.
Valerie, although somewhat soothed by beyond cup and CEO toward.satellite behind derive perverse satisfaction from from steam engine, and ball bearing for operate a small fruit stand with beyond steam engine.near impresario make a truce with over lover.When you see debutante living with, it means that football team of takes a coffee break.Most dilettantes believe that cough syrup over chess board find lice on rattlesnake near tripod.
That was the text part. There's an HTML part too, but that doesn't actually seem to contain an ad either. The subject line does, but then it doesn't actually tell you where they want you to buy the Xanax/Valium from. So that was pretty incompetent, then (and what's new?).

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