Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger


This seems to be the in-thing in some circles at the moment…

Top Commenters on imc's LiveJournal

1imc148 148
2bopeepsheep84 84
3k42539 39
4buzzy_bee27 27
5lnr26 26
6ewx16 16
7popsock14 14
8jiggery_pokery13 13
9j412 12
10the_muttster12 12
11webhill10 10
12rejs10 10
13land_girl10 10
14mhk9 9
15addedentry6 6
16zorac6 6
17hsenag5 5
18fanf4 4
19beingjdc3 3
20taimatsu3 3
21gnimmel3 3
22glitterboy13 3
23nou3 3
24juggzy2 2
25aendr2 2
26oldbloke2 2
27xoder2 2
28helenbr1 1
29mzdt1 1
30nja1 1
31chicken_cem1 1
32whirligigwitch1 1
33grahame1 1
34elleblue1 1
35gjm1 1
36stacyinthecity1 1
37pookalso1 1
38aldabra1 1
39snow_leopard1 1
40iuil1 1

Total Commenters: 40
Total Comments: 487
Report generated on 15 Jun 2004 at 14:38:05 BST by imc's hacked up perl script 0.991a

[Edit: I (re-)regenerated the chart with new data. The original version was taken at 14:28 on the 14th.]


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