Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Gone Fishin' (not)

We didn't have anything specific planned this weekend, so it was looking like a lazy weekend in. bopeepsheep said I wasn't allowed to start putting the fence up until after our decking has arrived (Thursday), so I didn't do that. I was going to go out and check that what they had delivered would indeed make a fence, but I didn't find my receipt with the list of goods until later.

So I had a bit of a go at Animal Crossing (and why not?). First thing I saw in my post was a letter saying the shop would be closed for refurbishment on June 12th, which was that day. Well thanks! I did go to the shop in another town, though.

We had some lunch and then decided to go shopping at Abingdon rather than being sensible and popping round the corner. Anyway, we more than filled a trolley at Tesco (mostly with bulky items such as a bulk purchase of kitchen rolls) and got our money's worth out of a "double points" coupon (except that the points have gone on to the clubcard which gives e-Vouchers, which means paying for delivery - unless they want to send us some more "£5 off when you order from Tesco Online" coupons). Ostensibly we went to B&Q for a sanding disc, but we also ended up with plants, compost, hanging baskets and paint. We still haven't found a sink plunger.

I actually made it to Wesley Mem in time for the start of the choir practice, for once (Purcell's Rejoice in the Lord Alway) and cycled back past the preparations for Cowley Road Carnival. After lunch we took smallclanger to his grandparents' and came straight back to rearrange the furniture and build a desk. It was the former which took most of the time, and the desk ended up temporarily without drawers because it was time to go and collect smallclanger again. But I did move the monitor on to the new desk and arrange the computery things around it, and that bit of the room looks somewhat neater than it did before - though the rest of the room is full of boxes.

By the time we got back it was time for BB on telly, and then we went to bed. So I didn't actually touch Animal Crossing all day and therefore didn't get to enter the fishing tournament. We are planning a bit of time-shifting (it's a bit like videoing a programme while you are out: if I'm too busy to play on Sunday then later on, provided no one has used my town data in the mean time, I can do my Sunday playing at a more convenient time without upsetting anything - it's not that much of a cheat. <g>).

For various reasons I got to work a bit late yesterday and so stayed late(r than usual for the last week or so) and by the time tea was ready it was time for Monday evening viewing - so I didn't play yesterday either. I'll have to get to it soon or I'll have a lot of catching up to do.

This morning I was up early to take the car to be serviced. smallclanger actually helped me by not wanting to get up until after 7am when I was already on my way to the bathroom (we heard a bit of a shout some time after 6, but it stopped again). They are supposed to be ringing me to tell me when it's done, but no word so far.

Update: they rang me at 5.25pm, just as the engineers were packing up and going home I suspect. There was no chance of me getting there by 6 so I will have to collect the car tomorrow afternoon.

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