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Things I may be interested in

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in:
1. music score: 21
2. programming score: 19
3. movies score: 17
4. perl score: 16
5. cats score: 16
6. photography score: 14
7. c++ score: 13
8. books score: 13
9. women score: 13
10. love score: 11
11. c score: 11
12. writing score: 11
13. anime score: 11
14. geeks score: 11
15. debian score: 10
16. psychology score: 10
17. reading score: 10
18. freebsd score: 10
19. literature score: 10
20. html score: 9
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Some of these things I may well be interested in, but am I interested enough to bother putting them on my list?

  1. Actually, I have several forms of (classical) music already listed.
  2. Programming - fair enough.
  3. I have been known to go to movies - only reasonably popularist ones, though - but I wouldn't say it's a particular interest of mine.
  4. I can hack a perl script as well as the next man, but I only do it when it's warranted.
  5. Nope, sorry. It's not that I object to cats, and I generally say hello to those I meet while visiting their owners human acquaintances, but I am not a "pet" person generally (and I'm also mildly allergic).
  6. I own an SLR camera - with lenses and everything. I haven't used it since… oh, not long after acquiring a digital camera (which was pretty good for its time, but it's over five years old now - golly!). When I was small I owned a photography kit from Sinclair Radionics (and that tells you how long ago it was) - which was quite fun (it came with positive photographic paper - no idea how that works - and the dinky black-and-white pictures were developed by injecting developing fluid into the camera, the base of which doubled as a developing tray). These days I wouldn't go out of my way to take a photograph.
  7. C++ - gack, spit! Wouldn't touch with a bargepole!
  8. It's not that I don't like books - I just spend too long on Livejournal to have time to read any.
  9. In my role as a married man, I am interested in woman, singular. ;-)
  10. Love - sure, but what a nebulous concept, and not one that I'm likely to bother writing in my LJ interest list.
  11. C - well, OK.
  12. I have no imagination! I write boring Livejournal posts, news articles and technical documentation; I don't think you're likely to find my name on the cover of any novel.
  13. Anime - bo-ring!
  14. Hmmm. I suppose, being a computery person, that the people I meet are more likely than average to be geeks, and there's nothing wrong with that. This however does not mean that it is my life's ambition to seek out geeks…
  15. For systems I run, I am sticking with the Red Hat derivatives for now. I don't rule out installing Debian on a test machine for experimental purposes at some point.
  16. Nah. The closest I come to psychology is doing silly memes (and watching Big Brother).
  17. Reading - see "books".
  18. FreeBSD - see "Debian". (I did once get round to installing FreeBSD on a test machine for experimental purposes, but didn't actually get round to booting it up again after that.)
  19. I got my worst mark at `O'-level (namely a C) in English Literature.
  20. Just because I write web pages and journal posts in HTML doesn't mean it counts as a particular interest of mine.

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