Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Three nights and a day

Notwithstanding the fact that we seemed to have all our weekends booked up during the spring, we don't tend to get out much now that we have a young'un to look after. However, this month has been a bit different - thanks largely to my in-laws who live about half an hour's drive away and, oddly enough, seem to like having smallclanger around.

On Tuesday (6th), bopeepsheep decided to spend an afternoon with her mum, and so after work I went to pick her (and the baby) up and we came home again. It was then that she was alerted by email to the fact that Mitch Benn was appearing in Oxford the next day, and so a hasty baby-sitting session was arranged.

The Bullingdon Arms has a comedy night on the first Wednesday of each month, and it so happens that the headline performer at the July gig (`Night of the Funny Guitars') was Mitch Benn. Once we had been let in, rather later than the advertised doors-open time (explained by the MC by saying `someone stole five nails from the backdrop' or something), we found a table at the front and sat down to begin our first night out together for ages (probably since going to see Return of the King). It's not the kind of thing I've been to very often, if at all, but it was rather good in fact. The MC and all three of the acts were pretty funny (though I thought the middle one was less successful, consisting entirely of reading pages from a diary - he didn't seem to add that much that we couldn't have got from reading the script ourselves) and as bopeepsheep is on friendly turms with Mitch she introduced me to him during the interval. Not that I said much (well, I never do).

On Sunday we had a day out - with smallclanger this time, not to mention quite a few other babies. We set out on a perilous journey across central London (during which we only got lost twice) to Lewisham, where it was our friend's baby-naming ceremony. There seemed to be three age groups: I think there were two babies a couple of months old who had been born within a week of each other; three babies about eight months old who had been born within a couple of weeks of each other, and two about a year old who had been born within a week of each other. One of these was smallclanger, of course; the other could easily have been his twin sister and was equally as charming and attractive as he is. :-) The ceremony was performed successfully without being rained on, and there was plenty of lunch and chat. We lent smallclanger's baby swing to the hosts, as he is getting too big for it and it was cluttering up our house (along with lots of other stuff, yes).

In the evening we battled through slow-moving traffic back to the other side of London and dropped in on bopeepsheep's Nana for an hour before getting on the motorway back home. She was very pleased to see us and to see how fast smallclanger is growing up.

The next baby-sitting session was arranged for Tuesday, and after bopeepsheep left the baby with his granny she came back into town to meet me for the 5.05pm showing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which we both enjoyed although I think I would need to see it again in order to understand all the bits that you don't get the first time round because you don't know how it's going to turn out. (bopeepsheep didn't have that problem as she has read the books.)

Last night we were back in OX28 again - this time for the `hen' and `stag' nights (at the same time but in different places) for bopeepsheep's brother and his fiancée. These were in fact just meals out at local restaurants - Indian for them and Italian for us. smallclanger went with the women and no doubt got fussed over. He was wide awake and bouncy when we regrouped, but went to sleep in the car on the way back home and was taken straight to his bed on arrival (it was nearly midnight).

The celebrations continue of course this weekend with the wedding on Saturday, and we will be having an early birthday celebration for smallclanger on Sunday.

(And all this means that I haven't played Animal Crossing since the weekend, at which point I was still playing July 5th!)

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