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Last Thursday I took the car back to the garage to have the passenger-side electric window fixed (I asked them to look at it when the car was serviced, but they'd had to order a `regulator' in). I didn't think it should be a particularly long job, but I got a phone call in the afternoon saying that they couldn't fit it because Citroën has changed the design and consequently they needed an adaptor which was due to arrive the next day.

On Friday I went to work with a sore throat which was suggestive of my third cold in as many months. The examiners met to determine the results of Moderations, first in the morning and then (after a long wait for the results from the Mathematics department) in the afternoon to finalise the results. Fortunately this finished early enough for me to get away and cycle to Wheatley before the garage closed. There are a couple of very steep hills on the way there that I'm glad I don't have to climb every day!

They had indeed fixed the window, and I paid the princely sum of £152 for the privilege! I only just succeeded in bundling the bike into the back of the car and then went home, after which we went for a big shop at Tesco (but they'd stopped doing the "spend £50 and get 5p per litre off petrol" offer).

On Sunday the sore throat had subsided and I'd never actually had the sniffles so I thought I had escaped the worst of the cold. Wrong - it arrived in full force that night.

But I still had to go in on Monday to help the examiners discuss the results of Part A - the new second-year examinations. The official result is that "everybody passed", although unofficially we do send more detailed results to the college tutors.

And that was the end of this year's exams… or was it?

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