Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Half an hour late

Rewind to last Tuesday…

I got in to work at almost exactly 9am. About half an hour later I looked at my watch to discover that it was blank, so I pressed the `light' button and it restarted from the point at which it had apparently stopped: 09:02. I not only neglected to put this right immediately, but also managed to forget that it had ever happened!

It was a slight surprise to me that CD Masters finished at 11:30, but I assumed that they had cut it short in order to schedule some special series of concerts or something - it has happened on previous occasions.

Having breakfasted quite early, I began to feel the need for lunch before 11am, but resisted as it felt far too early. Not long after 12, the recalculated exam results arrived from the Mathematical Institute - so I was busy incorporating them and printing out some results and lunch got delayed a bit further (though the immediate sense of need had passed by that time).

At about 1:10, just when I was about to get round to lunch, bopeepsheep phoned and asked if I wanted to say hello to her and smallclanger before they headed out to her parents' house [there was slightly more to it than that, but not much], so out I went. She mentioned something about catching the 2:30 bus, but it seemed a bit early for that.

I got to my lunch at about 2:15. But since we weren't going to have dinner until after getting home from the cinema, a late lunch wasn't a bad thing.

At 4:30 I got a phone call from bopeepsheep asking when I was planning to leave work. "Oh, 10 or 15 minutes" I said, thinking I would probably actually get away at 4:50 or so. This was received with not a little surprise. "But I thought you said the film was at 5:05!"

At which point you can imagine suitable special effects accompanying my being jogged (possibly by a big rubber band) back into the correct timezone.

I rushed out of work and we made it into the cinema by no later than about 5:10, while they were still showing the adverts which come before the trailers which precede the film - and it wasn't packed so we didn't have trouble finding reasonable seats. So it turned out OK in the end (and I didn't even need the use of Hermione's time device).

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