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Longqueue Street

For the last month or so, they have been replacing the pavements on Longwall Street. And very nice new pavements they are too - but we've had to put up with temporary traffic lights for several weeks. Last week (or was it the week before) they finally finished and it seemed we were rid of the traffic lights. But no! This week they have decided to wash the walls, and the traffic lights are back. Why couldn't they have done that at the same time?

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For the last month or so, they have been digging up Cowley Road to replace the gas mains, or something of that nature, so we've had to put up with temporary traffic lights for many weeks. For the last week or so, they have been doing a section of the road which was wide enough not to need the traffic lights, but this morning they were back.

The light was on red when I got there, and I sat at the front of the queue (having cycled past a relatively small number of cars). After three or four minutes an amber light appeared - but there was still a stream of oncoming traffic needing to come past before we could go. And then the amber light mysteriously disappeared and we were back to red again. The oncoming traffic continued. When we had been there about ten minutes a couple of motorcyclists signalled to the workmen, who shouted back something unintelligible (I was listening to Radio 3 at the time, so I couldn't hear what they were saying. But I don't think the motorcyclists could hear either). They started poking the traffic lights, and eventually waved some kind of signal which the steadily lengthening queue of traffic interpreted to mean that we should go, even though there was still a red light and a car trying to get through from the other side - with a bus not far behind.

So I did what I should have done in the very first place, and went round on the pavement-side of the obstruction.


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