Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

By the way. . .

Happy birthday, juggzy!

Quick summary for the non-existent readers who haven't seen it elsewhere: the `party' was a miscmeet on Saturday, encompassing pub, pub and chinese food. bopeepsheep and I skipped out on the latter part in order to see Kenny Young and the Eggplants, which was well worth going to (and it's not as if bopeepsheep didn't advertise it well in advance :-p). We came away with a set-list swiped from the stage after they had abandoned it, which bopeepsheep duly presented to the band members afterwards to sign. And a fragment of a plastic ping-pong gun (don't ask).

'Twas nice to meet everyone (again, for those whom we had seen before), and it was too short. We visited the juggzy residence on Sunday on the way to picking smallclanger up from his granny's, but we necessarily had to keep the visit short, which was a shame. Despite this, I did drink my tea.

Stayed at the in-laws all afternoon (minus a shopping trip for the week's groceries) and had tea, then came home and more or less fell into bed, accompanied by an episode of Jeeves and Wooster which had been part of my birthday present from my lovely wife.

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