Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Back up your palm pilot

… because I didn't, and thus I am silly. I noticed the batteries were very low on Friday, but the only ones I could find were used ones with seemingly no power left in them at all. Some time later I grabbed a pack of batteries, but didn't have time to change them, and when I finally remembered today, up came the ominous Palm OS logo.

I have a backup taken in May. Part of the reason I haven't backed up since then is that I haven't got round to setting it up on my new laptop. That's just an excuse though, as it probably is set up already. Since then, most of what I've done on the palm (possibly aside from adding a few more contact details to the address book) is the occasional scribbling down of something I thought I probably wouldn't remember otherwise. Such as things to do or to write about on LiveJournal — though, as it happens, most of the potential entries that I had back in May I still haven't written anyway. This is the irritating thing: because I won't have remembered these random scribbles, I don't even know what it is I've lost and can't go about reconstructing it.

Grr. Must do better next time.

Ah. I do believe one of the memos I had on there was a list of things I had or hadn't tweaked since installing FC2 on my laptop. Well, I suppose most of them would be fixed by now anyway, except the long-standing APM issues which I know about.

(And thinking of backups, it's actually a rather long time since I did any at all. Let's hope nothing too disastrous happens.)

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