Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

Shopping update

For reference, here's a table of some of the items we bought at Makro compared with the prices listed at The amount listed in the "Saving" column is calculated by scaling up the Tesco price to indicate how much it would be for the quantity we actually bought (and then subtracting the Makro price, obviously). Makro lists all prices excluding VAT, so VAT has been added to the list price where appropriate.

My favourite finds (at the time, and that hasn't changed now I have calculated the table) were the big tubs of herbs. After calculating the table my biggest disappointment has been the confectionery.

DescriptionMakro priceTesco priceSaving
Dried basil£1.99 / 170g£1.38 / 90g62p
Freeze-dried basil£2.99 / 27g£1.68 / 3g£12.13
Schwartz mixed herbs£1.99 / 100g£1.49 / 21g£5.11
Napolina tomatoes 4-pack£1.99£2.3940p
Dr Pepper can£6.57 / 24£2.19 / 6£2.19
Diet Coke can 24-pack£5.63£6.75£1.12
Diet Coke bottle 500ml£11.50 / 2477p£6.98
Tizer bottle 500ml£3.28 / 1274p£5.60
Cadbury's buttons£14.09 / 4882p / 3–97p
Mars Delight£10.33 / 36£1.48 / 533p

About basil: I don't recall ever seeing the 90g version in Tesco; it's usually 42p for 14g which makes a saving of £3.11. I also don't recall seeing freeze-dried basil in Tesco, so I'm going off the online price of "Schwartz premium basil" which looks outrageously expensive.

About mixed herbs: the big tub seems to have a slightly different blend compared to the small jars.

About tomatoes: we actually got 6 cans in each pack as it was on special offer, making the saving £1.59 (and we got four packs). But similar offers can no doubt be found occasionally in Tesco too.

About Diet Coke: we bought Diet Coke with Lime, which isn't available in Tesco so I'm going off the plain Diet Coke price. Note that the price for 2 litres would be £1.41 based on the cans or £1.92 based on the bottles, so it would still be cheaper to buy it in 2 litre bottles (£1.32) were they available. I think the Coke was on special offer, so it's probably normally more like the price of the Dr Pepper, which makes it not quite such a saving (on the other hand, they probably won't retail the lime one in 24s even when it does become available).

About Tizer: we bought it on special offer, so it's listed at half price. At full price the saving would be £2.32, but the price per 2 litres would be £2.19. The 500ml bottles are by far the least economic way to buy drinks.

About buttons: Since neither the bags themselves nor the descriptions at state the actual content it's hard to make a comparison. However, the bags in the 48-pack appear to contain 32g each and I'm guessing these are the same ones which are available at Tesco in packs of 3 for 82p. Alternatively, the 15-pack we buy at Tesco for £1.96 is listed at 206g which makes the 48-pack just 52p cheaper. Either way, the multipacks of buttons and Mars Delight are certainly not the bargains you might expect them to be.


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