Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

… and an evening too

So here I am again at my sticky keyboard and not working from home, since bopeepsheep pronounced herself ill again this morning and decided to stay in bed. Not long ago I had an email saying Mike "is adamant" that I should get in on time on Monday because a cow-orker has reputedly mucked up one of the Access Grid linux machines. About ten minutes later another one arrived saying another cow-orker has fixed it — but please be on time anyway.

As to why my keyboard is sticky… I left the room for two minutes yesterday to get rid of a nappy and arrived back to find bopeepsheep mopping up lime crush, which smallclanger had earlier demanded that I pour for him, then refused to drink it (claiming I hadn't given him enough, it looked like). Apparently he had suddenly decided to pick up his cup and try to pour it into my glass, with predictable results.

The machine's built-in speaker started making a loud crackling noise every time the disk drive was accessed — even when the volume was turned down and headphones were plugged in. I also seemed to have lost the left-hand audio channel.

So I turned it off and started taking it apart to mop up any remaining liquid inside. I found a small amount, but none in particularly sensitive places, and then I put it back together again (narrowly avoiding being left with two spare screws). The crackling seemed to have gone, though it made a short-lived comeback, but the left-hand audio channel was still missing. It turned out to be because the mixer was set wrongly.

I've cleaned my space bar so it actually now works better than it did before. I've also supposedly cleaned the mouse buttons, but now they make an annoying click when I press them. So do some of the arrow keys. The right-hand Control key still seems very sticky.

On a brighter note, I managed to put smallclanger back to bed when he woke up at about 4 this morning, and he then slept until about 7, I think.

Top tip: to make smallclanger eat a banana, feed it to him on a teaspoon.


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